Rana Bose Memorial Grant

Montréal Serai Artist in Residence

© Saktipriya Bhattacharyya
Rana Bose 2014 © Saktipriya Bhattacharyya

Montréal Serai aims to stretch the margins with thoughtful essays, reviews, commentaries, short stories, poems, artwork, videos, music and much more. Neither strictly local nor limited to current affairs, our progressive, non-profit magazine offers alternative perspectives that transcend and challenge mainstream concerns. Montréal Serai is an arts-culture-politics webzine that publishes art, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and reviews of film, music, art, exhibitions, theatre and dance.

This grant will be awarded to one artist annually. It is intended to support a new, emerging or established artist who has contributed to Serai in the past or who fits well with the magazine’s mandate. “Artist” is used as a broad term to include anyone in the arts (e.g., writer, painter, filmmaker, poet, dancer, etc.).

Who can apply?

Any Canadian resident can apply.

What is the grant?

This is an annual grant of $4,000 CAD, funded in memory of one of Montréal Serai’s pivotal founding editors, Rana Bose. The artist who is most closely aligned with Serai’s vision and generates the most support from our Editorial Board and our Executive Committee will be awarded the funds. Payments will be made once every quarter aligning to the publication of their work in each issue.


Submission deadline:  September 30

Award announcement: November 15

Effective: January to December each year (noting that Vol. X No. 1 comes out April 1st)

Expectations of the Awardee:

  1. Make a significant contribution to each issue of Montréal Serai for the year, by producing 4 articles (1 per issue) in the artist’s chosen domain.
  2. Be present in social media to increase Montréal Serai‘s social media presence (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).
  3. Participate in Montréal Serai events and fundraisers.
  4. Promote Montréal Serai in a general sense.


Send an email to serai.editor@gmail.com.