Gender identity, binarism, and quantum entanglement

Vol. 36 No. 2

Rana Bose Memorial Grant

The deadline to apply for the Montréal Serai's artist in residence is September 30.

Learn More about this annual grant funded in memory of one of Montréal Serai’s pivotal founding editors, Rana Bose.

Poem for Mani

Iftekhar Ahmed

My name is Iftekhar Ahmed. I am originally from Pakistan but I consider myself a citizen of the Indian sub-continent. […]

Running from the Family

Kalpesh Oza

Introduction Kalpesh was the first openly queer South Asian man that I had ever encountered. We met in the 1980s, […]


Patrick Visentin

Artist Statement  My practice explores the interstice and interplay of fact and fiction through the fusion of analogue and digital […]

Hiding unhidden

Louise Carson

in which I am no longer the centre of the universe no longer a cell rejecting, accepting, excepting, neglecting both […]

A tribute to Rana Bose

Himmat Singh Shinhat

A tribute to Rana Bose By Himmat Singh Shinhat [Editorial note: We want to thank Duniya Journal for kindly allowing […]