The space beyond words – Paintings and poems by ekoh dubois

The Wave - 2016 © ekoh dubois


The Embrace – 2016 © ekoh dubois


Love’s Moondance – 2016 © ekoh dubois

Love’s Moondance

My silver faced lover!
My quiet and empty mirror!
In the space between our lips,
Resides the secret of your might;
Suspended in your light,
Caught in your gentle sight,
I know a love without eclipse.


Sooner or Later – 2017 © ekoh dubois


The Inner Ring – 2017 © ekoh dubois

The Inner Ring

Have we not, in the name of love,
Been raised and cheered to rise above?

Hasn’t this compulsive fight,
Blinded you from true insight?

Although your thoughts are wind and sand,
You wear them like a wedding band.

I know you wish your heart would sing;
So, break through your inner ring.


A Nest of Light – 2016 © ekoh dubois


A Time to Kill – 2016 © ekoh dubois


The Visiting – 2016 © ekoh dubois

The Visiting

Unspeakable You,
My Beloved,
In this exquisite quietude
You bless me with Your Presence,
In the deep and soft cupped hands of
Melting within Thy embrace,
As One


The Wave – 2016 © ekoh dubois

The Wave

This form;
Delectable sensuality,
Pulsating beauty, my body,
Drunk on the juices of this flesh,
I could almost forget;
That beneath the wave,
I am.
The eternal and infinite ocean
Patiently awaits my return.



The I that speaks is not the I which is spoken of.

In the beginning, drawing, painting and sculpture were manifestations of my psychological disease; a way of individual catharsis.

Then, juggling with words and ideas, I conceptualized many statements, as so many manifestations of a collective existential disease; elusive masks of ego.

Now, I have neither unease to express, nor artistic views to state, nor a CV to display.

I paint and I write, yet I isn’t the author.


These writings are similar to Western poetry in some aspects, but in essence are closer to a form known for some 3,000 years as Upanishads, in India.

Upanishads are transcriptions of spiritual testimonials, an attempt to convey the awe of a mystical experience, the purity of a non-dual state of awareness that defies man-made language and logical thinking, to share glimpses of the beyond. In the texts, some pronouns are capitalized when they refer to a presence that transcends name and form. At first I could only use painting to encompass the complexity of my experiencing. It took me over 10 years to articulate words in such a way that I am not left with an aftertaste of violation or betrayal, in a form that is accessible to the Western sensitivity. This Upanishadic poetry is a space I created to play hide-and-seek with the unspeakable, the unknowable. The paintings and the words complement each other, luring the viewer through their preferred window.