The Diamond that Used to be You



[audio: Diamond.mp3]


The Diamond that Used to be You


Oh honey, after you died from eating that bad meat

Didn’t seem right to just keep your remains on a jar in top of the t.v.

But luckily I saw a program there on Discovery

how to turn your ashes into diamonds with new technology.



Now I’m wearing the diamond that used to be you

Oh the gold in your teeth sure made a swell ring too

You’ll hang around my neck all the year through

Cause I’m wearing the diamond that used to be you.


Oh when your Great Aunt Edna died from influenza last spring

I knew how much you would miss her

You’d want her with you on your string

So I took the liberty of taking her ashes down

in my day 11 lunchbox to the man at the lab

And now she’s hanging right beside you

and Sparky, the cat.




Well you know I had to add Pete the budgie

and your old hounddog Sam

after they died in that fire set by your nephew Sam

Then your sister, Cordelia, bless her,

She went to the promised land

After she lept from the ledge down at the old hydro dam.




Darling, it’s been months now since the fire

but I’m afraid I got more bad news.

I lost my job at the cleaners

the mortgage on the new house

I bought after the fire came due

There were creditors at the door

and the pennies were too few

I had to take you down to main street

and hawk you.



Oh now I’ve lost the diamond that used to be you

The gold ring and all your relatives

Oh I had to pawn them too

But I swear, I swear when times are better

I’ll come back for you

Cheryl Neill was a storyteller, singer, musician, spoken word artist, teacher, activist and poet.