Remember to Forget



May you die, in a coffin buried with tears,

Buried with the youth of my years,

Buried with the breadth and depth of your fears,

May you die, in my eyes one more night,

Buried from my sight,

Buried in your fright


May I one day, forgive forgiveness

Forget memory

And tremble in bravery


May you die, in the night of my eyes,

In the passion of a fiery sunrise.

Let your frigidness of snow be the death of season,

For I am the unlaw: I am passion free of reason


Because if you pass away, your soul will be born.


You are the living dead.


You have the emotions of a plastic card,

Full of the pity of capitalistic disregard,

Like a union organizer’s severed head.


May you die, in the night of my eyes,

So that from your body, a soul will arise,


You are the sea, walking in the streets,

Its waves, and shores, ebb over town as it retreats,

Washing across the doors, skipping heartbeats,


Ah, the sea, the sea, and nothing but the sea.


The reefs are bleached, the fish are dead,

The salt has reached the world instead


Ah, the sea, the sea, and nothing but the sea.


Let water burn fire, and fire drown water.


May you die, in the night of my eyes,

For one evening, and learn the explosion of musical ecstasy,

And that the nuclear blast of love is but a bridge to eternity,

And learn the beauty of kindness creates the greatest destiny,



May you die, in the night of my eyes,

And learn what is bliss,

And wake up in a full nothingness,

And find God beyond kiss


I will make your tears a tapestry of a thousand stars,

Notes to be play on the Arabic oud and Spanish guitars,


May you die in harmony!

May you die in agony!

May you die in ecstasy!

In the shadow of the night of my eyes,


May your soul become a constellation that will guide travelers of every nation to sunrise.

And may I awake in the amnesia of nectar and ambrosia divine, and rivers of holy wine.

And disappear forever in mourning of morning skies.


Maria Al-Masani is a Russian-Yemeni artist living in exile in Ottawa. In this poem, she aims to bring out the paradox and fire in Arabic love poetry of the Lebanese poet Adonis, the mystic Rabia'a, and Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani into English. Maria is currently writing a book, Extraordinary Rendition: The Hapless Romantic Misadventures of a Torture Survivor. http:\\