Because I am my own

Montréal demonstration against Bill 21_April 2019 - Photo by Jody Freeman


Montréal demonstration against Bill 21, April 2019 – Photo by Jody Freeman


I am nobody else’s version
of who I am
You cannot set your mind
based on my looks alone
There is no language
that defines me
Do not box me in

Because I am my own

I choose not to be enslaved
by your presumptions,
your sweeping remarks,
your thoughtlessness,
your disregard
By your anger
By your orientalist stare

Because I am my own

Your language
is not neutral,
steeped in prejudice
Your voice is privileged,
harbours rancour
towards me, my race
my colour and my face

Because NOW I am my own
And I shall remain so
My own



Current world affairs and in particular the passing of Bill 21 in Québec and the political clampdown in Kashmir prompted these thoughts that took shape on paper, by Dipti Gupta, who continues to hope responsibly.