A Photo’s Worth

Jean Talon Market is without a doubt one of the most popular spaces in Montreal. Located just North of Little Italy, it offers a wide variety of goodies that everyone can enjoy. On any given day you are likely to come across Montreal hipsters standing shoulder to shoulder with little Italian grandmothers who never bothered to learn any English or French.


And Yes, there is Little Italy! Some people may never even realize they have crossed into this special area of the city until they close their eyes and listen to the sounds of the street and breathe in the smell of delicious ravioli. People speak French here, but they speak Italian first, and may even expect you to too.


Ah Mile End is an area that owns the heart of many a Montrealer, even if they have swallowed their pride and moved to Toronto to make more money  and make their parents proud. Cafe Olympico and St. Viateur Bagels are popular to the point that hipsters will be writing about them and including them in their blogs until the internet is no more.


And how can Montreal be complete without it`s mountain and the many crowds that pack its slopes in Summer and Winter alike. Just come within ten blocks of Mount Royal on a sunny Summer day and you will be overwhelmed by the steady sound of tams. People have been spreading out their blankets and soaking in the sun here for as long as even the eldest hipsters can remember.

Photo credit: Jean-Pierre Bonin


Montreal! You  have to love it, whether you are here just for a visit or planning to have your ashes spread out over the St. Lawrence River one day.

Matthew Soule was born and raised in Quebec`s Eastern Townships, but now calls Montreal his home. Passionate about positive thinking, and leading a healthy lifestyle, he devotes much of his time to life coaching and various other creative projects. He blogs at futurevibrations.com