4 poems

butterfly lake


That Which Drowned with Narcissus

Where there was once a lake
Is barren land now
From there can be heard the footsteps of Narcissus
Even today

She has gone there
Looking for flowers bees and butterflies
For many other creatures
For water for greenery

She’ll go right up to death to bring back
All that got drowned with Narcissus
She’ll somehow bring back such beauty
That cannot perish again.


Trees of the Forest

Every tree in the forest has been dreaming
Dreams that blossomed amidst greenery
Each tree sharing its pain and joy with the other
The delight of each other’s lives got woven
into each other

But silence lingered for long in this forest
Once when I told them my name
I too am a tree I explained
Every tree refused to recognize me
It’s helplessness stretched from end to end

Though I quite realized
What I said to whom and when
Below which tree did I conceal my roots
On which branch did I lay out my laughter
To which leaf did I give a bit of my life


Prayer of the Butterfly

Sorrow came moving towards me as an old boat
Sawing the water slowly

On my palm just then lodged a butterfly
Folding her wings like hands
She sat absorbed in some prayer
For me there was no other way of obliging god
Than to keep my hands still

There was sorrow shining even more
And the prayer that of the butterfly


Life of Such as Us

For some days now
A poem lay within me
I told her
Wait as yet
Still there is a haze
Leave me as yet in the fog
Let me love
Let me be even more sad
Let me understand why
Truth likes to be clad in lies
Why is life for such as us
So troubled
So difficult


Savita Singh is Professor in the School of Gender and Development Studies, IGNOU, in New Delhi.